2017 was an exciting year for me because I took on my first Chair position of the Annual Bladder Cancer Awareness Walk. I have been involved with the event since my diagnosis of Bladder Cancer back in 2014. My first year I was a participant and walked with my family and friends and raised money for Bladder Cancer Canada. The following 2 years I volunteered as part of the walk planning committee and found the work to be incredibly rewarding. Then after last year’s walk (2016) our Chair Val asked me if I would consider co-chairing with her as she is looking to take a less involved roll down the road. I was thrilled to have been asked and said I would be honored and excited to be more involved. Throughout 2017 Val and Alisha (another co-chair) and I worked to build our best event yet. We called ourselves the co-co-chairs. With Val’s leadership and guidance, and with Alisha and I bringing new ideas to the table we managed to put together an incredible event this year. Our participants took the time to let us know just how much they enjoyed this year’s walk.

As one of the least known cancers our mission is simple to create and spread awareness. Did you know that bladder cancer is the 5th most common type of cancer in Canada? This fact is a surprise to most people. It also has the highest recurrence rate of any cancer, which also makes it the most expensive to treat. The people who participate in our walk know this well enough as many of them are patients, survivors or family members of people who’ve been diagnosed. It is such a joy to see this wonderful group of people rally together to make a difference and show support for each other.

Our walk is a national event, which in 2017 occurred in over 20 cities across the country. 2018 is shaping up to be another great year, we are still working on locking in a date, but if your interested in participating, donating or volunteering please contact me!

Courtney B – INLIV

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