My story is surrounding the long service awards held at the Coril Holdings office on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

I received my 10 year award on that day and was thrilled. Really, really, thrilled! Everyone including my family, friends, dog, hairdresser and masseus knew about it.

I have worked at INLIV for 10 years and looked forward to this day for quite some time. It is hard to believe that 10 years have gone by. I started to work part time at Foothills Health Consultants in which I worked in a large closet shared with the lab tech Agnes (and her specimens) and the controller Jennefer, downtown, then had a short stint in the basement at Sante Spa in Mission, then back downtown and finally over to our beautiful space at the Arriva tower which I was ecstatic to move into. Payables can be done anywhere!

There are so many fabulous colleagues I work beside and have had the pleasure of knowing many of them for my entire 10 years at INLIV. They will always have an important place in my heart as they are my work family.

INLIV has been a very important part of my day to day life and I appreciate the time I am having at INLIV. There have been so many things happen in 10 years that I can’t possibly go over and there are many outstanding events and get togethers hosted by INLIV and Coril Holdings that I will never forget and this day is for sure one of them. Thank you!

Standing on the stage with my coworker Juliet and Mr. Ron Mannix and Dr. Wendy Smeltzer talking about my job and the small things I do, one which is bringing in timbits on Friday, which I love, brought me great joy. Then photos and hugs with Juliet and Mr. Mannix and Mr. Vince Danielsen.

As we were having a cocktail Mr. Mannix joined a small group of us from INLIV, Sandra, Trish, Juliet and myself that were mingling around for a little discussion about all sorts of things going on in the world and INLIV. It was so awesome!

I can’t thank INLIV and Coril Holdings enough for having the awards and recognizing the value of everyone of us that were there.

I usually am fairly reserved with my comments but a big hip hip hooray on this one.

Thank you to everyone! So much appreciated!

I love the gift I chose as well, bracelet and earrings!

Barb G – INLIV

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