In spring of 2016, Fort McMurray was devastated by one of the largest infrastructure destroying wildfires in recent Canadian history. Thousands of families had lost their homes, their business, and for many, their will to live.

Coril quickly announced that all individual and corporate donations would be matched on top of their initial $50,000 donation to the cause. On top of that, the Federal and Provincial Governments announced that they would also be matching individual donations made through the Canadian Red Cross and directed to Fort McMurray Fire Relief efforts.

I had decided May 6, 2016- the day the memo was released highlighting the above – that I would host a bake sale and garage sale the following morning! I was so motivated to help the cause, that I baked until 3:00 AM and with the help of my family and my close friends, had a pretty ideal set up once morning “garage-salers” hit the streets.

I was not expecting much, but I had advertised on social media as well as Kijiji that all proceeds would be going to the Red Cross, with an explanation on matched donations and how each dollar they donated would be tripled! Needless to say I sold out of cookies by noon and even had donations dropped off to sell at the garage sale! It was over whelming.

Overall, I was able to raise and donate $400 to the Red Cross, having it matched by the Coril Group as well as the Provincial and Federal Government, turning it into an impressive $1,200 all because I was touched by a simple memo!

You never know when your words may inspire someone, so always remember to talk!

Barbara H – Triovest

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