To me, the best thing about Canada is the distinctive seasons, snowy winters and sunny summers allow for a range of activities that just aren’t possible in other countries. Growing up, my family was fortunate enough to have a small cabin at Pine Lake. Only 1.5 hours from the city, we would drive up almost every weekend. The cabin was small and quirky and the lake seemed to have more algae than water, but it was perfect to me. The best part was that it allowed us to experience all the Canadian seasons as a family and away from the city. In the summer, my mom, dad, and twin sister, Claire, would wake up early to waterski and after we had all finished, we would circle by the dock to pick up our older and sleepier sister, Rachel, for her turn. In the spring, my dad and I would plant new trees, obsess over the rain gauge, and fix up the many ailments of the cabin and property. In the fall, my parents would rake huge piles of leaves for us to jump in and we’d take the dock out as a family teambuilding event (read: world war III). In the winter, we would toboggan down the hill onto the frozen lake, then wait for my dad to retrieve us on the SkiDoo, cross country ski to the neighbors or play a game of shinny on a homemade rink.

As we grew older, we went to the cabin less, and when my sisters and I left for university, it was used almost not at all. My parents sold the cabin in 2011, but we will always have those memories, and will always have great seasonal activities to get us all together as a family and enjoy Canada’s beautiful backyard.

Jane T – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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