This past weekend, a friend and I went hiking in Kananaskis. We stopped at the Ranger Station for a suggestion for a good day hike that was about four hours and would reward us with a good view. He suggested Rawson Lake. The hike up to Rawson Lake was a leisurely walk to a small lake with no view and I was a little miffed and sure that the ranger station had misunderstood the kind of hike we wanted. But then we realized the hike continued around the lake and up to Sarrail Ridge, a hike so steep that you had to do switchbacks rather than walking straight up. The view at the top was worth it as it featured amazing views of Upper Kananaskis Lake, Rawson Lake and the mountains that surround them. The only drawback was that the temperature seemed to drop 10 degrees on the ridge and after a quick picture we had to start our descent. Because it was so cold we basically ran down the ridge, stumbling and falling along the way, grabbing shrubs and tree branches to stop us from sliding to the bottom.

It was one of the nicest views we have seen on a day hike and was totally worth it, however next time we’ll pack some warmer clothes and maybe even throw in some mittens.

Jane T – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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