I was in Brazil for a customer meeting with a group of four Loram employees and two Brazilin employees. In an effort to look nice for the meeting I wore a dress. As we were waiting for the bus to take us to the office building, a customer security guard stopped me and told me I was not allowed because I was half naked (the dress was long sleeved and went down to my knees, so I was really only ¼ naked). I, of course, didn’t have any pants with me and was thus forced to stay behind and figure out what to do (the hotel was at least a 30 minute cab ride away – one way). Luckily, Filipe stayed behind with me. After about 1 hour (yes, we could have just gone to get pants by that time…) and several calls to the head of Safety, I was granted a one-time pass and permitted to get on the bus and attend the meeting.

It’s so great that we were able to find Minnesota (and Canada) nice people way down in Brazil!!

Kayla R – Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

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