We live in a truly great nation that rises to the occasion when people are in greatest need, wherever that might be. It is January 2010, when a devastating earthquake hits the nation of Haiti. For our family, it was both heart breaking and truly frightening as a little girl was waiting to come to Canada to join our family – to her forever home. Her name was Fabienne, she was only 2 years old and she was stuck in the adoption process at the time earthquake hit. We were, at the time, devastated to think what might happen but with the support of family, friends and frankly many caring acquaintances we mobilized to find a way to get her home to Canada – out of harms way. Through many sleepless nights, long days and countless hours of working phones, lobbying politicians and bureaucrats, we were able to bring her home as part of Operation Stork. This incredible humanitarian initiative evacuated over 200 children from Haiti who were in the adoption process. It took us less than 20 days to bring her home! Those 20 days are full of so many amazing stories, there are not enough words available to share them all and do them justice…although I am happy to share with those who want to listen. Without the help of so many amazing people, including our great government, this would not have been possible. I am so proud to be a citizen of Canada, and now Fabie is too!!

Deanna Z – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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