Back in 2008 I had been in Canada for about a month and was slowly coming to grips with the steep learning curve that is the sport of snowboarding. I was part of a group that went to Ferine for a weekend and experienced an epic power day, although I barely had the skill to navigate a groomer properly. I was taken on a hike up the top of Lizard bowl and when we reached the top, I was instructed to ‘keep my tip up and lean back’. Ok I thought, can’t be too hard as I watched everyone else in the group shred down the hill. I tried to get started and failed miserably, getting buried in waist deep snow and more and more exhausted as I tried to get back on the board. I became so exhausted I decided to unstrap and try to roll out of the snow, in the process losing grip of my board and watching it sail down the mountain by itself. A shameful walk down from the top of the hill with many “cat calls” from the chairlifts ensued, and I drowned my sorrows in the bar. Still a funny story to tell nearly 10 years later and there are a few locals that I run into when I go back that have to bring it up every time.

Ryan H – INLIV

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