Gemini’s Fort St. John, BC office has a long and literally colorful history.

The building began its life in the 1960s, as an RCMP station with the barracks upstairs.

“We often get older consultants when they come in look around and say “I remember this place”.  They never share much else though about why they would remember it…” says Darren Snider, Manager of Environmental Solutions at the office.

Around 1990, the RCMP moved out and the building switched hands.  A wiccan and her husband bought the building and turned it into a glass shop. It was in 2003 that the glass shop sold and the building became a funeral parlor.

This brings us to the day that Darren visited the building while it was up for sale in 2006. “When I came around to look at it, the front office/front desk area was a head stone sales area.  The area of my office had couches and was a family area for the family of the deceased to sit and talk.  Other offices also had couches for a sitting area…then you walked through a door into the “Coffin Room” as it came to be known.”

“It had about 10 empty coffins and a wall display full of urns for sale.” remembers Snider. “In the back of the coffin room is a closet.  In the closet they started to cut out the ceiling and install a lift to take bodies to the second floor where they had intended to install an embalming room in what is currently our kitchen. When I came back for a second look, the closet contained a gurney with messed up blankets but no body….not sure where they hid the body…”
The body could still be lurking around in the darkness, looking for the rose gold coffin their family had picked out for the upcoming eternity. We will never know……

Ingrid C – Gemini Corporation

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