It was not our intention to move to Canada, since we had a big move 5 years earlier, when we returned from the US. My 3 boys wanted to either go back to the US or come to Canada. We decided to pursue our professional careers, and we applied for the Highly Skilled Immigrant Entry. We dreamed big dreams! It was dream come true for my children when we got approved to move to Canada. in April 2015.

Immigration has so many aspects and experiences that one can be challenged with: family, education, jobs, housing, community and so much more. The greatest fear was allayed when I saw my boys integrate into the system with no hassle. They participated in all sports, community and school events.

It’s been a wonderful two years, especially being a part of the family (INLIV) that believes so much in PURPOSE. There is yet more to experience and happy to be here to Celebrate Canada at 150.

Kikelomo O – INLIV

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