My family and I immigrated to Canada from the North East of England on June 8th 2008 and became Canadian Citizens in March of 2014.

My aunt and uncle moved to Canada 17 years ago and I spent my childhood vacationing in Calgary. My family and I would visit 2-3 times a year since I was 10 years old. Not surprisingly, my parents fell in love with the lifestyle here and saw the vast opportunities available to our family and began the long process of obtaining our permanent residency.

I remember the first time we came to Calgary, the Headmistress of my primary school had allowed for me and my sisters to miss a couple of days of school outside of the spring break with one condition – we take a diary and write down our experiences to present to our classmates upon our return.

As a 10 year old my diary consisted of many different experiences; from visiting a shopping mall and going ice skating to travelling to the mountains and having Dairy Queen Ice Cream!! We would love going on road trips so that we could torture my aunt and uncle with the latest album from our favourite boy band (on repeat).

Upon my return to school, I had completed my diary entries and collected bits and pieces to show my class. At the time, the whole class was doing our first ‘show and tell’, each child would speak for 10-15 minutes at the end of the day about their chosen subject. As instructed by the Headmistress, mine was all about my trip to Canada. My presentation ended up taking all of the show and tell slots for the entire week as my class was so interested to hear about our adventures and had lots and lots of questions about what it is like in Canada.

To look back, we were extremely fortunate to have the experiences we did as children in a place we now able to call home.

Laura H – Gemini Corporation

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