In the fall of 2015 I was lucky enough to have two months of completely free time before moving to Calgary.

A little adventure travel sounded like a good way to fill my free time and on a whim booked a ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica. With no plans, a small carry on and dreams of surfing I set off on my trip.

An open agenda and healthy sense of adventure created amazing memories and experiences that I will never forget. One of which is how enjoyable it is to connect with others from around the world that you have nothing in common but being together in a foreign country.

Being Canadian was a huge asset in making new friends… Everyone loves a Canadian!

I still keep in touch with many of those who I met while traveling. A few of them have even come to Canada for a visit and I have loved showing them some Canadian hospitality and adventures on our own soil.

Cary B – INLIV

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