In 1973 I was the Mine Manager at the Costello mine in Estevan, Saskatchewan, and we were all honored to have Princess Anne come to Estevan to tour the coal fields.

The highlight of her visit for me was being able to show her the coal mining operation at the Utility Mine. However, before going on any mine tours we always, of course, have safety briefings. From my standpoint, and being very cautious and careful to carry out the appropriate protocol, after giving a summary of our safety activities and proposed tour, I very specifically asked the Princess to wear a hardhat while we were on the tour. I was somewhat taken aback as I was promptly told in a very royal fashion there was no damn way she was ever going to wear a hardhat, and let’s get going. So off we went without a hardhat, safety boots or any other specific safety precautions, and we toured the operations in a very prompt and efficient manner.

Ron M – Chairman, Coril Holdings Ltd.

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