“2,100 bottles of syrup in a box, 2,100 bottles of syrup, take one out, tie a ribbon on top, 2,099 bottles of syrup in a box……..”

On June 20th, after much delay, we received a long awaited shipment of 2,100 bottles of maple syrup as part of the CORIL150 initiative. The intent was to have all the bottles branded with the campaign logo, including a really cool CORIL150 pin, and have them delivered to all employees within the Coril Group of Companies prior to Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations. Coupled with the delay, Murphy’s Law came into play, and most of the staff were either tied up in meetings or out of the office, making realizing this deadline almost impossible. Thankfully, teamwork and sheer determination was willingly demonstrated by three incredible individuals… Mindy, Robin and Tanya. These ladies, without hesitation, put all their responsibilities on hold, rolled up their sleeves and got the job done!!

So when you are pouring this delicious syrup over your pancakes on Sunday morning, dedicate a bite or two to those who made it happen.

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!!

An extremely grateful co-worker – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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