I have always loved and felt at home when visiting Fortress Louisbourg in Cape Breton. A few years ago my uncle shared our family history from my maternal grandfather’s side of the family and it appeared that we had a family member who actually lived at Louisbourg when it was first built. My great grandfather x eight generations was the locksmith there in 1715 and he created extra keys to the store rooms which he then stole from. He was caught and imprisoned but he also had the keys to the jail cell and ran away. He went to Port Royal, NS, became a blacksmith and changed his name from Sauvage to Forgeron. He and his wife remained in Port Royal but one of their sons made their way to Isle Madame in Cape Breton where my family remained until my grandparents moved to Halifax.

Now when I visit Louisbourg, knowing our history with it, it makes it even more special and a fun family story to share with my nieces and nephews.

Tanya GS – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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