It is clear that Coril and its predecessor companies have been instrumental in the building of Canada’s infrastructure and communities over their 119 year history. What often goes unnoticed, however, is the remarkable on-going contribution that our organization’s remarkable workforce makes to the communities where they live, each and every day. I would argue that this is particularly so in times of crisis, with no finer example being the arguably heroic response of many of our Alberta-based employees during the 2013 floods that ravaged much of the southern portion of their beloved province.

By many accounts, the enormous economic toll of those floods exceeded more than five billion dollars. Yet, the most significant impacts of the floods could not be measured simply in monetary terms. Instead, the greatest of those impacts were unfortunately found in the unmeasurable pain, suffering and inconvenience experienced by thousands of individuals and families whose lives were directly impacted by the unrelenting floodwaters, in many cases over the course of days, weeks, and even months.

Not surprisingly, it was during those grueling first days of the flood that many of our colleagues in the Coril Group rose to the challenge to help some of their beleaguered fellow Albertans. In many cases that assistance was offered to individuals they had never met, and took the form of bailing water, removing waterlogged furniture and drywall from submerged basements, and, in many cases, through the simple offering of a much needed coffee or, sometimes, just a hug. I, for one, consider myself to be blessed to be associated with those amongst our Coril Group team who unselfishly and voluntarily rose to the occasion, to help others in a time of great need, demonstrating once again that remarkable spirit which helps define what it truly means to be a Canadian.

Kevin B – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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