A few weekends ago, a friend from Ontario visited. We decided to make our way to the mountains on Sunday. Driving West on the Trans-Canada Highway with someone who has not seen mountains (let alone the Rockies) before definitely made me realize how often I take Alberta’s beautiful backyard for granted. She was mesmerized by how big and beautiful they were as well as how there could still be snow settled on the tops. We hiked Prairie View Lookout, a great hike with three separate and equally amazing lookout points and then jumped into Barrier Lake to cool off – a crystal clear blue lake so cold it takes your breath away. She stopped every five minutes to take a photo, excited to show her family Alberta’s beauty when she went home.

It makes you realize how important it is to stop and take a moment to take in the beautiful Canadian outdoors – because your everyday scenery may be someone else’s dream destination.

Jane T – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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