The crowd is anticipating what they will soon encounter, gathering by the gate entrance. They are well aware what we have up our sleeves at this year’s BBQ event is not going to be the same as any other Woodside Square celebration. It is Canada’s 150th Birthday and everyone seems to be in the spirit with red and white apparel paired with a Canadian hat. As each guest collects their free goodie bag and makes their way through the barriers, the expressions on every face instantly brightens. Children are jumping from one bouncy castle to another while dragging their parents along. The DJ is blasting music of all genres and the hired acts are lining up by the stage for their opportunity to wow the crowd. Each performance embraces and displays a different culture that embodies what our nation is all about. The colourful costumes and unique dance moves intrigue the most reserved of onlookers. Over 4000 Mall patrons are grabbing tenant coupons throughout the day as they are being distributed then strolling into the shopping centre to make their purchases. Tenants are ecstatic as their sales instantly increase as a result. There is an extraordinary sense of diversity and belonging in the air.

Fatima M – Triovest

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