Reading Darwin’s story about being in Calgary in 1988 just before the Olympics reminded me of my own little piece of Calgary Olympic nostalgia. No, I wasn’t here in 1988. I was busy dealing with a very precocious 1 year old. But my parents came to Calgary as part of their trip to Banff and Lake Louise. I saw the pictures afterwards and thought, “Wow! How beautiful! Hope I get to go there someday.” (Little did I know…)

My stepfather collected western bolo ties and tie clips. They travelled a lot in Western Canada and the States, so he had quite a collection, which my mother gave to me a few years after we moved to Calgary. I’m the only one in my family likely to actually find them useful! There weren’t many surprises – I had a good idea of the type of artwork and craftsmanship that attracted him. But there was one that looked out of place in his collection of mini western art. I took a close look and found….a Calgary ‘88 bolo tie pin! I had forgotten they had even been to Calgary until I saw it. I do my best to wear his ties every year during Stampede, but there are more than I can wear in one year. I’ll make sure I wear the Olympic one this year. Stay on the lookout for it next week during Stampede.

So thanks to my Mom and Bob’s desire to commemorate their wonderful trip to Calgary, Banff, and Lake Louise I have a fun memento of the ’88 Olympics. Thanks, guys!!

Amy N – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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