I remember vividly the day that I arrived in Toronto – it was winter, February 13, 1999 and as the plane came into Pearson I gazed out of the window at the sight of massive snow banks, dirtied but glistening in the early morning sun. I soon learned that only a month earlier, the GTA had been paralyzed by a dumping of snow that prompted Mayor Mel Lastman to call in the military – resulting in much ridicule from the rest of Canada.

I wasn’t prepared for the amount of snow and frigid winter temperatures when I moved here and I was even more surprised at the hot, sweaty summer temperatures – a country with extreme seasons and one that was now my new home and one I was determined to get to know and embrace. It took me a couple of years to acclimatize but what helped me was a promise I made to myself and that was to do everything I could to integrate into this fine country. I embraced the outdoors – I went portaging in Algonquin, skiing in Whistler, I rowed on Lake Ontario, joined a flag-football team, discovered poutine (oh yeah!), rented a summer cottage in Muskoka, and made friends with a whole lot of amazing Canadians! There was one particular amazing Canadian I met around 2002, a gentleman called Ken Wilson who was working with an executive coach and colleague of mine. I was a junior consultant and Ken was a senior executive with a natural wit and an engaging and authentic personality. Ken was one of the easiest executives to get along with and I remember thinking that he would be great to work with and that I should keep my eye on where his next executive assignment would be! We stayed in touch over the years and in the spring of 2014 I met up with Ken to pick his brain about job opportunities. I was ready for a move and I knew Ken would have some great insights and advice to share. Well, it just so happened that Ken, who was an SVP with Coril at the time, introduced me to the SVP of Corporate Services at Triovest, a Mr Jim Wilson. It was through this introduction that I learned about Triovest and that there may be a future job opportunity on the horizon in HR, my area of expertise. A few months after meeting Jim I learned that Triovest had launched a search for a head of HR to which I enthusiastically applied. On December 1, 2014 I started my new job with Triovest and I am forever thankful for the connections I made that helped me along my journey and turned opportunities into open doors.

Louise P – Triovest

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