Each year at INLIV we like to recognize our teammates who go above and beyond. For the last few years we have done this through the Calgary White Hat Awards, which recognize individuals working in the service industry. To be nominated for a White Hat is a big deal and we have had many nominations. To win one is an enormous honour and we’ve had 3 winners in the last 3 years!

The award ceremony is one of the liveliest events in the city; held at the Jubilee Auditorium, employees from the various companies’ nominated pack into the theatre to cheer on their co-workers. INLIV, as usual, always makes a statement when we arrive. Led by our fearless leader Vince and his Drum, we parade into the theatre all dressed in yellow and black. We have noise makers and blinky lights, bobble headbands and tutus, we even have had brave trainers willing to wear yellow spandex onesies just to show how proud we are of our teammates. The event is something of a spectacle and our employees look forward to it every year.

Courtney B – INLIV

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