One of my most memorable stories arising from my thirty-five year involvement with Coril and its predecessor companies occurred relatively early in my career. In 1988, Calgary had the good fortune to host the Winter Olympics. Corporate Calgary, and Calgarians generally rose, to the occasion and showed the world the true meaning of western hospitality. But few if any companies made a stronger commitment to doing so than the Loram Group of Companies, who took that hospitality theme to a new level. Loram secured thousands of tickets to Olympic events, built a temporary hospitality suite in downtown Calgary, and erected a house adjacent to the Olympic ski jumping venue…all for the purpose of allowing clients and employees to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime, community focussed event. Most importantly, Loram assembled a group of more than 130 employees (primarily from Mancal, Pembina and Manalta) who volunteered their precious time, from early morning to late at night, for the entire sixteen days at the Games. As one of those volunteers, I had the pleasure and honour of meeting countless customers, tourists and fellow Calgarians. Yet, my most lasting memories relate to the time I was able to share with my fellow volunteers, many of whom remain cherished friends and colleagues to this day.

Kevin B – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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