We are so very lucky to live in such a great city that is close to so many of Canada’s Treasures. My girls and I have often hit the road for Banff on Canada day, enjoying a nice hike at Canmore’s Grassy Lakes and then carrying on to Banff to enjoy a nice dinner out, topped off with Banff’s Canada Day entertainment in the park.

The surrounding scenery makes Banff one of our favorite places! About seven or eight years back we had enjoyed a beautiful Canada day in the area and headed back to our home in Calgary at about 1:00 AM. We were driving along and somewhere close to Dead Man’s Flats I saw something coming at us in the dark. It took just a brief second and BANG! We were startled and didn’t know what had hit us, but something had hit the drivers’ window. I thought for sure the window of the car would be broken by how loud the crash was, but thankfully, it was just a loud bang and nothing was damaged…well accept the poor creature that hit us!! Turned out it was a big bird, maybe an owl that hit the window of the car and scared us half to death! We were thankful for the otherwise uneventful and safe journey home and having had the privilege to enjoy a nice day of hiking in the mountains, beautiful scenery, great food and music, as well as fireworks to mark the day!

We are so grateful that we live such a great country that gifts us with so many luxuries!

150 years strong! Happy Canada Day everyone!!

Linda B – Gemini Corporation

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