I never realized how truly blessed we are to live in this beautiful nation Canada, until I met my dear friend, Gordon Durrant. Gordon was only 17 years old when he went off to serve our great country during the Second World War in the Battle of Hong Kong. This battle was fought in one of the first land battles in the Pacific. Unfortunately, his regiment was captured, and they spent four years as Prisoners of War in Japan. Gordon’s memories of his time in Japan is a reminder to me of the importance of never forgetting what these young men and women did to make Canada such an amazing place to call home. These are values that I like to instill unto others.

I learned so much more about our Canadian soldiers and their sacrifices when Gordon introduced me to the Hong Kong Veteran’s Commemorative Association. There I met other Veterans and they told stories of their experiences during their captivity in the prison camp. These Veterans are our heroes, and they taught me to be patriotic and appreciative of our wonderful nation and the people in it. Since there are only 16 HK veterans left in Canada, my husband and I are privileged and proud to lay a wreath at the Military Museum each Remembrance Day, honouring our Hong Kong veterans.

I feel very fortunate to work with the Coril Group of Companies as they have shown throughout the course of history their innovation and dedication. The Mannix Family clearly signifies what it means to be Canadian, just like Gordon.

Karen B – Triovest

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