When I was growing up my dad would take us down to the Calgary Stampede each year. It became a fond memory and tradition in our family. As we grew older, my dad would drop us off at “our parade spot” and then he would do his duties as a street Marshall for the parade.

When I met my husband Michael, he was very involved in the Stampede parade, continuing the legacy of his family. His dad was the Chair of the Stampede parade in the 80’s, then his oldest brother became Chair in the mid 2000’s. Michael held various positions throughout the years from safety, setting up Fort Calgary to recently being a Chair of the Stampede Parade. Now, our 11 year old daughter Grace goes down and helps set up at Fort Calgary, and greets parade participants. It has come full circle for me in our family tradition. Collectively our families hold 60+ years of volunteering with the Stampede.

Sylvia W – INLIV

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