Working many years with a Canadian owned ‘outfit’ named Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc., I have had the opportunity to meet many citizens of the wonderful country of Canada.

I have learned that Canadians do have a very eloquent accent…. Aye, are gracious, kind hearted and polite sprinkled with great loyalty especially to family, business, The Queen and Canada.

Canadians are always open and proud to tell, show and share with you the natural wonders Canada has to offer.

Whether I’ve been in a conference room overlooking the mountains or on a September road trip Canada is so calming and majestic with its array of natural wonders. When embarking on a road trip my Canadian friends proudly provided a long list of super spots to visit, to name a few Banff Lake, Silver Springs Mountain, Columbia Ice Fields, Athabasca Falls, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Jasper and the list goes on…..

It is a great honor to have an association with these wonderful people and their Country of Canada.

Jill L – Loram Maintenance of Way

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