In 2002-2003 I spent my freshman year of college in a small town in Caronport, Saskatchewan Canada. Our church was actively working with the college and my mom’s family descends from Canada so it sounded like a fun and exciting opportunity to try.

I remember the 12 hour drive through North Dakota and on to cross the border into Canada. Then entering Caronport, SK which consisted of the post office, school, church and a restaurant. It was very quiet, peaceful and in the middle of nowhere! The closest “big city” to us was Moosejaw. A 20 minute drive to my new favorite coffee establishment, Tim Horton’s, and Friday night hockey games watching the Moosejaw Warriors; were two highlights of my semesters studying that year. Then on the clear Spring Semester nights we enjoyed sitting on large hay balls watching the sunsets in the fields and taking in the view you could see for miles.

Even though I was only there for one year of school I was able to enjoy many Canadian traditions, holidays and create lots of memories. I learned all the words to their National Anthem, celebrated Boxing Day and made great new friends that I could laugh with over our funny accents.

Hanna W – Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

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