After I passed my UFE exams to earn my CA designation, I decided to spend 2 years overseas with the accounting firm to see more of the world. In some ways, perhaps I was testing the notion that Canada really was the best place to live and if you never got out to see other parts of the world how would you really know what you might be missing? While vacations are a great way to explore, you really never get to know a country unless you work and live there for a period of time. So I decided to spend those 2 years in Australia and Papua New Guinea, working and living in some of the most spectacular locations imaginable. I made life-long friends and stretched my experiences and abilities farther than I ever had previously. But in the end, 2 things brought me home – the first being my lovely wife (who was my girlfriend when I left but became my wife upon my return and remained in Canada) and the other being the sense of belonging and connection that I had with this great country (well maybe 3 things – I could never get real maple syrup while overseas!). Taking the opportunity and time to truly discover another country always helps to make you understand the blessings we have here and why it is always wonderful to return home.

Scott B – Triovest


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