My dad was born in Hong Kong but moved to a small village in Toi Shan, China. The health care was non-existent in the village and my grandma, by Canadian standards, had a small health problem which escalated. Because there was no health care, she passed away suddenly when my dad was four. At the time, there was turmoil in China and they were very poor, but my grandpa wanted to create a better life for my dad. My grandpa had heard some village relatives had moved to Western Canada so he packed up my dad and brought him to Canada. They landed in the small town of Beiseker, Alberta and opened up a Chinese restaurant. Over the next few years, my grandpa had to go back and forth between Hong Kong/Toi Shan and Calgary, leaving my dad with our village relatives. When my dad was nine, my grandpa went back to Hong Kong one last time, while he was there, sadly he passed away. My dad was still in Canada and the village relatives did the paperwork so that my dad could stay in Canada. Years later, he went on to meet my mom in Red Deer, Alberta and then had three children and provided a great life for his Canadian born children.

Sylvia W – INLIV

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