The Coril Group, the Loram Group and all previous companies, the Mancal Group and the Mannix families have been building, giving to and celebrating our community now for over 118 years. To put this into perspective, my grandfather, Frederick Stephen Mannix, instilled into his whole family and six children the importance of giving back to those less fortunate, as well as being a good community citizen and builder. My Father, Frederick Charles Mannix was one of the original founders of the Calgary Foundation and he and my mother, Margie Mannix, created the Carthy Foundation 52 years ago. Today our Carthy Foundation is now being managed and controlled by the fourth generation of Mannix family members, and in its total history has now contributed over one hundred and eleven million dollars to thousands of charities across our country.

In 1998, in recognition of the hundredth anniversary of the founding of our family business activities, and after the sale of our energy assets, the Mannix family donated another $100 million to charity: $50 million to over 200 charities in Canada and the United States, and $50 million to endow the Carthy Foundation to continue for decades to come. I personally set up another foundation called the Norlien Foundation and put $110 million into it. Norlien was later split into two foundations in 2012, one called Palix Foundation, which continues to build the Alberta Family Wellness initiative under Nancy Mannix’s direction, and a second foundation called M-E² which supports music, the environment and energy, under my direction.

The principles of giving back have been inculcated into not only the Mannix family and all of our children, but in many cases at senior management levels of our entire family businesses as well. It is part of our duty and responsibility to keep giving back to all of the different communities that our companies, operations and all our employees are a part of. Throughout the Coril Group, we continue to support the principle of giving, especially to organizations like the United Way so that we can all play our part in building a better country called Canada, for the benefit of all our citizens and future generations.

Ron M – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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