I think every little girl dreams about owning her very own horse. And for anyone who has ever had the privilege of having their own, there is a magical bond between a horse and their rider.

Having been one of these girls that has always dreamt about having a horse to call her own, I decided to stop dreaming and make my dreams a reality. After doing research and learning that it was financially feasible (and not a far off fantasy), I adopted a yearling named Susie Q from the Dare to Dream Horse Rescue out by Langdon, Alberta, on May 3, 2014. As soon as I entered her pen on that “unseasonably” snowy day in May, we bonded instantly. I knew that she was my one and only soulmate and we have been inseparable since. She still noses me now, like she did back on that first day, looking for that extra cuddle or cookie that I tend to keep on hand for our visits.

Kelly S – Triovest

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