As I reflect on the history of our great country Canada on the occasion of our 150th anniversary, my mind turns to the deep friendships that have nurtured me over the decades. Among these is my friendship with Calgary entrepreneur Ron Mannix. I first met Ron on the occasion of his Father Fred receiving the Order of Canada in 1984. Since then, we have worked closely in leadership roles in the Business Council on National Issues and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and we have travelled the world together meeting leaders of all stripes and sharing extraordinary experiences. I have the pleasure of serving as a Director of the Coril Holdings’ Board of which Ron is Chair. I have gotten to know his family, his colleagues, and more recently his wonderful wife Diane. So what is it about Ron that I admire so much: his deep integrity, his legendary generosity, his high energy disposition, his insatiable curiosity, his love of family…these count for a great deal. But I also admire Ron because he honours his strong Canadian roots and his remarkable family history. He has built a fabulous family archive which traces the role of the Mannix family as builders of Canada and in particular the Canadian West. Canada 150 is a time to celebrate special friendships across our great land. I cannot count the number of times that Ron and I have said to one another that we are truly blessed to be fellow Canadians. Canada commands our loyalty and our love. There is no better place in the world.

Thomas d’ – Director, Coril Holdings Ltd.

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