While thinking about the company culture that I’ve experienced, the distant memory of a small event came to mind. This event took place during my first few weeks with Loram, which would put the time frame in the Spring of 1998.

It was a regular workday morning, and a couple of inches of snow had fallen overnight in Hamel. I arrived at work, parked the car, and walked toward the building entrance. As I came near, I saw Don Cherrey, who I knew only as one of the executives, shoveling the snow off the entrance sidewalk. He was dressed in his suit coat and was wearing his polished dress shoes. Don had arrived just before me and had stopped on his way into the building to grab the shovel and clear the walk. We exchanged a “good morning” as I walked past.

It took just a few minutes for me to realize the volumes it spoke about Loram’s culture, for Don to decide to pick up the shovel that morning. I knew at that moment that I’d hired on with the right firm. This small event was the first of many instances I witnessed in which a Loram employee demonstrated the “see it-own it-fix it” attitude that is so valuable to a company’s culture.

David D – Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

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