Growing up in Minnesota which is also known as Minnesnowta, I always thought Canada was like the North Pole. So when I was in 5th grade and my parents wanted to take a month family trip up to Canada in our camper, I was mortified. It was summer time and I wanted to enjoy summer weather, not go to the North Pole! My parents assured me that the weather would be sunny and summer like. I was very skeptical so the minute we crossed over the border into Thunder Bay, my dad made me get out of the motorhome to experience the North Pole! You can imagine my surprise when it was 80 degrees(27 Celsius) and sunny! It was one of the best vacations from my childhood and what I remember the most is how friendly the Canadians were to us. I’ve been to Canada more times than I can count since then and not only is it a beautiful country but the people are amazing! So far in my short time working at Loram, I’ve found the same in all the employees I’ve come across at CORIL and the sister companies. That’s why I am convinced that I was destined to be working for/with Canadians at a very young age!

Katie H – Loram Maintenance of Way

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