I have been so fortunate to grow up in a family that travels. And while we’ve had some amazing adventures in other pockets of the world, my parents also raised us to appreciate and discover our own backyard. Through road trips around Western Canada and a massive loop around Eastern Canada later in the life, I’m so proud to feel connected to different parts of our country.

But my parents haven’t stopped there. Years ago, they began a quest to spend each Canada Day in a different province. So every year, they plan a Canadiana adventure from the end of June into early July.

On July 1, they always base in a small town and join in the local celebrations. They’ve participated in sleepy parades, enjoyed boisterous fireworks, and swapped stories around campground fire pits. From Saskatchewan, to Newfoundland, PEI and British Columbia — they’ve covered all but two provinces so far.

The plan was always to visit every province before Canada’s 150th, and then tackle the territories! But life happens, family weddings get scheduled and other things pop up.

They may need a few extra years to finish up the map; however, this year will be extra special. My parents are hopping on a plane and will be in Ottawa to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

It may not have the small town feel of their previous adventures; however, the energy and excitement of being in the nation’s capital on July 1 will be second to none.

Melanie S. – Melanie Lynn Communications

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