The pounding of African drums fills the corridors of the mall and the mounted televisions unveil bright images of what the audience can expect. Safari Jeff is minutes from making his appearance. Once he strolls onto the stage, children cannot stop cheering in excitement. Whenever they see each of his reptiles, the jaws of onlookers hit the floor. The albino snake is extending its tongue, the chameleon’s eyes are bulging, and the iguana’s skin is crinkling by the second. Woodside Square took its chance to partner with Toronto District School Board schools in order to organize an excellent educational program suitable for all ages. The mall wanted to spread valuable knowledge of the world’s most rare species to a new generation and increase animal awareness to people would not otherwise have learned. When the audience thinks it is all over, Safari Jeff places a crocodile in the middle of an elevated platform and is within inches of its sharp-toothed mouth. What a showcase!

Fatima M – Triovest

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