Sometimes I think we all forget about the safety and security we have in Canada. We are able to hear the stories that affect other countries and remember how blessed we are here at home.

The first time I saw a police officer holding a machine gun it was at the Gare de Nord in Paris 12 years ago. Since then each time I travel to France I expect to see them at the airports and train stations. This trip however brought all of the news stories back to me. Not only have I seen police officers on an ordinary street walking with machine guns but also every store and shopping centre I walk into has a security guard there checking bags and purses, that used to be something you would see only at tourist attractions. We were also delayed at a train station because a random bag was left behind, they had to call the police to have it destroyed on the spot. I am thankful these police officers, gandarmerie and security guards are there to protect the public but I also know that at home we are so fortunate to feel safe in all public spaces and buildings without these safe guards.

We are truly blessed to be living in a country where we are strong and free.

Tanya GS – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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