During thanksgiving weekend, my mother, grandmother, toddler and I made a trip down to visit my brother in Victoria, BC. This trip was a long time in the making; my grandpa had always wanted to go out west but he passed earlier this year. Additionally, as is typical in life, the last few years had brought upon some changes. My grand-mom had surgery on both her knees, my brother was unsure where to settle after university, and I had moved back from Australia and was getting acquainted with motherhood.

We all knew it was a miracle trip; it encompassed all four generations of our family! It was a trip to cherish and maximize, a trip of a lifetime.

Over the weekend, we did the usual touristy activities including mineral pool spas, beach views, unique boutiques and tasty establishments. However, the most memorable moments were before we headed out and after our daily adventures, basically when we stayed in. We would laugh and poke fun at each other, set up pillow obstacles for my son to tumble over, and binge on junk food while watching movies.

The trip reiterated a few thoughts that I’ve always known but need regular reminders to allow them to seep in. First off, the love and support I’ve received is a privilege, and no amount of gratitude could reciprocate this, it can only be paid forward. Second, the simple moments of life are truly beautiful and deserve to be enjoyed. Lastly, opportunities to share stories don’t come by often enough, and should always be taken advantage of.

Nishita W – Gemini Corporation

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