Being born in Texas and having to grownup abroad, Canada has always been foreign to me by familiarity, distance and proximity. Until I had the opportunity to step foot on it and spend a week connecting with fellow Coril employees at the Coril Leadership Academy, up close and within it at the Crossing at Ghost River. For the first time I met and connected with other employees from Gemini, Coril and Triovest. Despite the different industries and applications, below the word choices and terminologies, our inner being all long for a fulfilling and impactful leadership journey. We shared our individual life experiences, tools and stories from our perspective leadership journey and bonded over campfire, team discussion and activities. I finished a great week with renewed perspective, deepened insight and new lifelong friendships.

The week finished off with the following question from our workbook: Consider your life as a leadership journey, as in the “days of old” where knights prepared to wager all in battle, they would crave and paint their shields as living testimony of their character. If our shield was divided into four parts. What do we live for, hope for, work for, and stand for?

Since then, Canada is no longer foreign to me. It’s a place where kindness and hospitality made a new place felt like home. It’s a place where the leaders of our company invest and believe in the future growth of their employees. It’s a place where ideas, values, culture and dreams are welcomed. It’s where I learned that distances, boundaries lose, when knights prepare their shields.

Kristie M – Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

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