My grandfather was a special man who loved Canada and the opportunities it gave him.

In the early days of World War 1, the army came to his Hungarian town and took all of the able bodied young men for the army. He was loaded in the back of a truck and taken to a fenced area where they were to wait the night to be processed into the military the next day. My grandfather had wanted to move to Canada for some time and had previously been working on his immigration papers and getting caught by the army was not in his plans. Late that night he found a tree that had large branches hanging over the fence. While the guards were not looking he sprung up into the tree, jumped over the fence and escaped. Through the night he found his way home and was able to elude the authorities until his immigration papers arrived. Once in Canada, he took up farming and lived a quiet but very productive life raising five children. His effort to get to Canada and the value he placed on the Canadian lifestyle was impressed on me and I am proud to say that I am Canadian.

David M – Triovest

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