Gemini recently tapped into one of the many talented team members in their Fort St. John office location to complete a Canadian, community and Gemini inspired mural. The effort required creativity, imagination, collaboration and a lot of talent. For each of us, being Canadian means something different, but for all of us, Canada has many recognizable landscapes and wildlife. Finished with a chalkboard sealant, we are able to change the inspiring quotes as often as desired. Much of this is captured in this beautiful mural, but it also represents our livelihoods, and what allows us to continue to live and work in our communities. Each day we work to guide our clients through their projects to ensure that they are sustainable and minimize potentially negative impacts to our environment. In an industry driven by energy, and at a pace that sometimes doesn’t allow for time to appreciate what you have, this mural is a reminder of the beauty of the environment that surrounds us.

Loni E – Gemini Corporation

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