My story may seem quite simple but actually it’s not. It’s much bigger than the story itself. It’s about caring and it’s about the spirit of generosity. It’s about a company that extends to others what they want for themselves. It’s December 2006 and I’m working as a temporary employee at Loram Maintenance of Way. My manager calls me in to her office and hands me an envelope. I open it and there’s a Christmas Bonus in the envelope. It struck me that they cared enough about me as a temporary worker that at Christmas they treated me like everyone else and I rec’d a bonus. It wasn’t the amount as much as the appreciation they showed me. My work was recognized as important and a part of the big picture. I was invited to the Christmas Party as well. Ten and 1/2 years later I still work for Loram. That temp job was the first and last in my life. I’m thankful for those that truly recognize and represent the CORE values of Loram Maintenance of Way. Thank you Coril, thank you Mannix family and thank you Loram.

Dawn N. – Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

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