At the beginning of last year, I campaigned for support to help me raise funds to build a home for a Nicaraguan family. We were scheduled to leave late on November 24, however mother nature scared half of us who hadn’t left due to the news of Hurricane Otto and an earthquake offshore which led to a tsunami warning. We quickly cancelled our trip and re-scheduled to help our family the end of January.

We visited the sites that were built in November from the group that arrived in Nicaragua before the storms hit at El Panama near Granada. Next morning we headed to El Pantanal for 2 days to put together a home for a family with local volunteers. We first needed to work on the foundation for the floor which needed to have 15 holes going down six feet. This alone took one and half days to complete.

We stayed overnight at a school. The next day we put up the walls and roof panels and hammered away. I mostly worked on screwing the latches for the windows and doors. Once the house was completed we presented the family with a key to open the door to their house.

After this project was completed, we headed to a beautiful and gracious place, Monty’s Beach Resort where we stayed for the balance of the trip. The final day we went to El Limonal to make chicken stew and food for over 300 kids.

This trip was a once-in-a-lifetime and touching experience for me that words can’t even explain. I would love to help a family with a home every year, if possible.

Paula S – Triovest

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