This is the story of my great Uncle Peter a Brigadier General in the Canadian army who served in the 1st and 2nd world wars.

As a young lieutenant in the 1st world war, Peter, my great uncle was captured and escaped. He lost four brothers at Vimy Ridge and 3 brothers in other parts of the conflict. By the 2nd world war, Peter was a Brigadier General – Commandant of Mewata Armories, and re-wrote the army service corps supply manual. King George and the queen gave him their touring car after their official visit to Canada in 1936. His batman (assigned assistant) used to type the supply manual while sitting beside Peter in the backseat of the limousine. The beautiful car had a built-in bar in the windowed separation between the front and back seat. When he was called to England in the summer of 1939 before war was declared, he took that fancy car with him. The car, sadly, had to be burned during the withdrawal of Canadian forces in Dieppe in 1941.

The rest of the remaining members of Peter’s family served in the 2nd world war – one was my Grandfather (Poppa)

Kelly B – INLIV

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