Although Sydney never had the best winters, in fact as a kid I remember being sent out the back door with a shovel in hand, (as I was the only one small enough to squeeze out) so that I could clear a spot to open the door.

It was the summers that mattered, we never needed to pack a suitcase and sit on a plane for hours to enjoy warm weather & beautiful beaches, in fact, we only had to pack some snacks & sunscreen and drive 20 minutes to enjoy a day of swimming & building sand castles.

When school was finished, I made the move across the country to Calgary, Alberta, Although I’m not a fan of the -40 winters and I definitely miss having the ability to drive 20 minutes to a beach, I’m grateful that every year I get to go back to Nova Scotia and reflect on where I grew up, and that I’m able to share these great memories with my two boys!

It’s the simple things as to why I Love Canada.

Courtney D – Gemini Corporation

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