Sitting at the airport last week, I met an 82 year old man who was chatty and truly Canadian. He just flew in from Victoria and he was waiting for the same flight to Halifax. He is then going on to St. John’s, NL. He started his journey in Toronto taking the train to Vancouver and making his way to Victoria. After his visit to St. John’s he’s back to Halifax to catch the train to go back to Toronto. His thought is that it’s never been done before, both taking the train and flying across and you are only 82 once, so why not!! Now, the journey may have been made by others before him but it’s his first time and that’s what matters. I think it’s an incredible way to see all of Canada and enjoy all that it has to offer. I hope we all have the same upbeat, amazing attitude toward life as this man when we reach 82! We did chat further as we were waiting for our flight and I’m unsure of his real name, but he did change it to Happy Happy years ago and he truly lives up to his name.

Tanya GS – Coril Holdings Ltd.

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