In May of 1972 after I had completed my Engineering degree and before I got serious about starting my career I had the good fortune of doing a quick tour of some of the western European countries. It was a free-lance trip and our travel guide book was Arthur Frommer’s Europe on $5 a day! We arrived in London via Air Canada and proceeded to tour parts of England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy before returning to Frankfurt for the flight home to Winnipeg. For the first time, we had seen a few armed gendarmes on the streets of Paris which was a little disconcerting but the presence of heavily armed security guards in the Frankfurt air terminal building was even more alarming as they were everywhere! We soon realized it was in preparation for the Olympics to be held in Munich later that summer but we were nervous and not sure what to expect. The flight home was uneventful but by the time we landed in Winnipeg I was literally ready to kiss the tarmac on Canadian soil.

It was not until the events of the Munich massacre of eleven Israeli athletes unfolded in September did I truly appreciate how fortunate and thankful I was to be born and living in Canada – a sentiment I still hold dear to this day.

Henry N – Triovest

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