I grew up in Red Deer, Alberta, smack dab in between Edmonton and Calgary. My parents both come from farms just east of Red Deer and this definitely impacted my childhood. Most of my childhood was spent running in the fields looking for the next adventure, chasing the cows around and stealing strawberries from my grandmother’s gardens. When we weren’t visiting one of the farms, we were camping and fishing in the Rockies. Taking in the beauty of the mountains and fishing in world renowned lakes and rivers, all a short drive from my home town, is something I will cherish forever. No words can describe how lucky I feel to have grown up in such a beautiful peaceful place. With the prairies to the east and the mountains to the west, nowhere else is quite like Alberta. My Great grandparents left their home countries and families behind to create a better life here in Alberta and it has taken a lot of work, community love and good will from fellow Canadians to get where we are today. I will forever feel proud of my hometown and of my country.

Tiffany E – INLIV

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