In June 2009, Tonko had organized a day of volunteering at the Calgary Food Bank. While giving back to the community, it was also a way for us to work together as a team outside of the office. I had never really volunteered too much before, other than work organized events. My eyes were truly opened to the struggles of how many people in this city go through on a daily basis. I couldn’t fathom not having food, being hungry and having to ask for help. No matter what stress I had in my own life (which was really just work related), this did not compare to worrying about providing food for me and or my family.

I made to the commitment to enlist my mom, and together we volunteered twice a month at the Food Bank starting July 2009. I did not want to waste time! It was a great way for my mom and I to spend time together while contributing to a great cause.

My mom has since retired and no longer joins me but I have continued my commitment to the Food Bank. There are days where I say “I’m too busy, I’m too tired”, but I remember that it’s nothing compared to those who need help. Once I’m there, I don’t think about work, I don’t think about myself. I am rejuvenated to know that I am there for someone else. It is the best feeling ever.

Amy L – Triovest

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