We’re a nation obsessed with weather – and we experience some incredibly diverse weather systems, from sultry summer heat alerts to biting extreme cold winter alerts. In December 2013 Toronto experienced a particularly bad ice storm. At the time I was home on mat leave with my 6-month old and I woke in the night to find we had no power. An ice storm had hit and thousands of households were without power – and it was 3 days before Christmas! You could hear the snapping and creaking of trees which sounded particularly eerie in the dead of night and as I looked out over our backyard, sure enough, a big maple had toppled onto our garage, decimating the roof. My mum was staying with us at the time and when we woke in the morning we made the decision to book a hotel room, just as a precaution as the news updates on getting power restored weren’t looking too good. Smart move on our behalf! We rolled up to the hotel that afternoon, 3 adults and 2 kids in tow. We spent 2 fun days at the hotel and then moved onto a friends place to spend Christmas Eve and day with them. Every day of the power outage we went back to our place to check on things, willing Toronto Hydro to get the power restored. Toronto Hydro did an amazing job – they worked nonstop to restore power. As savage as the ice storm was it resulted in an entire community coming together to help one another. Neighbours cleared debris, chopped wood from felled trees and just checked in on each other. As a family I felt we were lucky – sure the garage roof was destroyed but we had insurance to cover that and we spent 5-days without power but we were all OK. In fact, at times it was kind of fun and a unique experience!

Louise P – Triovest

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